orthopaedic instruments

Curettes, spoons, bone rasps
and hammers


Manufactured exclusively in Germany

Curettes from Weber Instrumente impress by their high quality and are manufactured in Germany, as are all of our products. Curettes are used to remove cartilage material and tissue. Ergonomics, precise workmanship and durability are the premium features of these instruments. By combining them with the softgrip handles, you receive a premium-quality surgical precision instrument, which convinces by its design and optimum handling. Our orthopaedic instruments are easy to clean. Convince yourself!


Box curettes
The box curette creates a level surface.


Loop and ring curettes
Loop and ring curettes create curved incisions.


Angled and bayonet-shaped curettes
Angled curettes and curettes with bayonet-shaped curves ensure
a clear view of the operating area.

Surgical spoons

with unique workmanship

Together with the softgrip handles, spoons from Weber Instrumente form a closed instrument. The high-quality, refined material guarantees stability: Weber Instrumente are particularly durable, in particular including the connecting points between the instrument and the handle. As opposed to the curettes, the spoon is closed on one side to enable the removal of tissue from the operating area. Angled or bayonet-shaped spoons ensure a clear view of the operating area. They are available with or without serrated edges for the various application areas.

Bone rasps

With a pulling cut for clean results

Bone rasps from Weber Instrumente enable a pulling cut for clean results! Rasps with a pushing cut are frequently used in surgical applications. This leads to the operation window being filled with bone chips. We produce bone rasps with a pulling cut, which simultaneously clear the operation window. Together with the ergonomic softgrip, you have at your disposal an instrument that ensures extremely precise and powerful handling. 


Standard or special

All hammers from Weber Instrumente are equipped with ergonomic softgrip handles that rest perfectly in your hand. Equipment with replaceable plastic caps enables work under the best possible hygienic conditions. And here again, anything is possible with Weber Instrumente. Hammers with different material compositions are available, which vary depending on the requirements. We also offer various weight categories. Furthermore, we supply two-way hammers, slotted hammers and non-rebound hammers.

two-way hammer

slotted hammer

non-rebound hammer

Precise production according to medical needs

All material advantages at a glance

The material and its resistance are decisive for successful applications and also, of course, for the safety of the patients. Weber Instrumente documents the entire life cycle of the individual products and guarantees safety in terms of cleaning processes.

Quality – Made in Germany

Innovation and development, state-of-the-art production techniques, special materials and comprehensive service – that is what Weber Instrumente stands for!

Insensitive to corrosion

Closed instruments with high-quality materials do not change when they are further refined. We can rule out any impairment of our tools by corrosion.

Ideal for all cleaning methods

Perfect cleaning means safety in the operating theatre. Simple and safe cleaning is always possible with the softgrip silicone handles from Weber Instrumente.

Our surgical instruments are available in many different shapes and sizes

Perfect for any application

Weber Instrumente curettes, bone rasps and spoons are available in three different sizes and in the following variants: straight or curved to the right/left, bayonet-shaped to the right/left, angled.

Choose your softgrip handle from numerous colour options

Various colours in stock

You can also order curettes, spoons, files, chisels and hammers from Weber Instrumente with your logo upon request. You can also choose from a wide range of handle colours or you can order a specific colour for large quantities.