silicone handle

The original from Weber Instrumente

Operations have become safer for patients thanks to the softgrip silicone handle from Weber Instrumente.

Steel and silicone join inseparably

thanks to best quality - Made in Germany

Silicone and stainless steel in the softgrip silicone handle result in the highest possible material qualities, which are not subject to any changes whatsoever. Instruments equipped with handles from Weber Instrumente are characterised by a high degree of compactness and still possess the same characteristics after numerous applications as they had upon first use, as they do not show any signs of ageing.

Excellent hygiene properties
Without gap contamination

Vulcanisation combines steel and silicone perfectly

The softgrip silicone handles have excellent hygiene properties as opposed to the formerly used handles made of phenol HGW, plastic, aluminium etc. Weber Instrumente handles are developed in such a way that no gaps whatsoever arise. Due to vulcanisation procedures, steel and silicone join inseparably. Former conventional handles are joined to the instruments with a larger or smaller sized gap, and the different expansion coefficients of the materials allow this gap to work during cleaning and sterilisation. Due to the capillary effect, dirt is formed in these areas, and even though this dirt is sterilised, it is still dirt! With handles from Weber Instrumente, this does not happen! Our silicone rubber, applied by means of injection moulding, is free of gaps and absolutely tight. A laser weld at the connection points between the instrument and the handle finalises the tightness of the instrument.

Connection of steel and silicone

Other procedures
Steel and silicone can separate again

Patient safety through precise production

Material advantages of the softgrip silicone handle

The material and its resistance are decisive for successful applications and also, of course, for the safety of the patients. Weber Instrumente documents the entire development process of the individual products and guarantees safety, also in terms of cleaning capability.

High chemical resistance for a long service life

The material we use is resistant to lyes, salts and diluted acids and therefore offers a long service life.

Extremely impact-resistant and

Special materials prevent our high-quality medical instruments from breaking or splintering.

Lightfast and

We guarantee the consistency of the surfaces - even in the event of longer illumination, moisture and high temperatures.

from -40 to 200°C

Our surgical instruments are highly resistant and show no effects on material from temperature fluctuations.

Can be used for
all cleaning methods

Perfect cleaning means safety. Simple and safe cleaning is always possible with our softgrip silicone handles.

Resistent to different types
of medical radiation

The materials of our surgical instruments are resistent to any sort of common medical radiation.

The right handle for everyone

Softgrip silicone handles offer different shapes

Our handles are just as different as hands are. We have made their ergonomic properties more precise, so that each instrument lies perfectly in the hand of its user. Weber Instrumente handles are available in different sizes in proportion to the instrument and the respective place of use. They are suitable for left-hand and right-hand use and can be applied universally.

Surgical instruments –
individually combined with our softgrip

Flexibility and economy

softgrip silicone handles offer easy connection possibilities for any type of instruments. They are of course available in various colour options and with individual logos - and all that with short delivery times. An optimal price-performance ratio results due to the long service life of the handles. They have been tried and tested and have proved themselves through the use of several 100,000 handles.

Couplings & Ratchets

Ratchets with softgrip

Ratchets with different attributes

Couplings with softgrip

A0, 1/4 Zoll, Hall Jacobs, Hudson,

Orth. Instruments with softgrip

Curettes, spoons, bone rasps and hammers

Choose your softgrip handle from numerous colour options

Various colours in stock

You can also order curettes, spoons, files, chisels and hammers from Weber Instrumente with your logo upon request. You can also choose from a wide range of handle colours or you can order a specific colour for large quantities.